Remove Acne with Yoghurt and Lemon

yoghurt and lemon

yoghurt and lemon

Acne is one of the faces problems that often occur. Acne occurs due to blockage of the pores of the skin, this could be due to a buildup of dead skin cells, dust and dirt due to pollution or due to blockage of sebum oil that is produced naturally by the oil glands beneath the surface of our skin. As quoted from Tips menghilangkan jerawat dengan yoghurt dan jeruk nipis

Lots of tips to remove acne that actually you can do. But it could not hurt to try alternative ways to overcome acne by using natural ingredients that are proven safe without causing side effects as well as cheaper and easier. Then any material which is effective to treat acne?

This time we’ll use a mask mixture of yoghurt and lime. The content of these two materials are very effective for cleaning the face. not just to get rid of acne, but the mask of yogurt and lemon juice is also effective to brighten the face, maintain health and skin moisture, vitamin content in the lime contained in scrub lime and yoghurt is also beneficial to rejuvenate skin cells and helps cleanse the skin of dead skin cells that stick to the face. So how to make a mask of lemon and yoghurt to get rid of acne?. Using one part yogurt mask alone, mask lime alone, or using a mixture of yoghurt and lime?

Remove acne with yoghurt and lemon
The last way is to make a mixture of lime and yoghurt mask. How to make it simple, first prepare the yogurt and lime juice. Mix both ingredients. Then use as a mask on the face. Do not forget to clean the first face with clean water. Wait up to 15 minutes and then wash with water until clean.

6 Natural Ingredients to Eliminate Blackheads


Blackheads are a problem that often interfere with our appearance. Blackhead is clogging the pores of the skin caused by sebum oil. This oil is produced naturally by the oil glands under the skin’s surface. lots of ways to clean up the problem of blackheads. One of them is with the use of natural materials as an alternative to the very powerful. The following 6 natural ingredients that are commonly used are quoted from Menghilangkan Komedo Secara Alami Dalam 1 Hari

Eliminate blackheads with egg white
The trick is to apply egg white on face particularly the nose often becomes a place to grow hibiscus blackhead, then let stand a few minutes to dry, and then washed with water until it is completely clean.

Eliminate blackheads with Toothpaste
Toothpaste or commonly called odol also often used to eliminate acne or pimples of rock, but other than that, the content of fluoride in odol turns out can also help eliminate blackheads, i.e. can be done by way of smearing nose section contained the blackhead, let sit a while then wash with clean water.

Eliminate blackheads with soy beans
In addition to being used as a base material in making tempeh, soy beans can also be used to remove blackheads, how very easily by making the soybean as the juice, then sweep on the face, let stand a few minutes and then rinse with clean water.

Eliminate blackheads with salt water
In addition to being used as kitchen seasoning salt could also be used to eliminate blackheads, the trick is to mix the salt with warm water, then wash the face parts with the water berkomedo yg yg mixed salts of yesteryear and rubbed slowly, then wash face with cold water.

Eliminate blackheads with radish
Radish is similar vegetables carrots, powerful and renowned as one of how to remove blackheads, of course by making a radish as a facial mask, which this Care can be done once a week.

Eliminate blackheads with ice cubes
In addition to all the above, you can also use the methods of therapy to eliminate blackheads ice cubes, it’s easy, rub up against ice cubes are slowly and evenly on the face, the goal is to minimize the pores on the nose hole so as to prevent the presence of blackheads, and to result in maximum more heartily recommend cleaning the face first with a cream facial cleanser.

How To Get Rid Of Acne With Tomatoes and Yam bean



How To Get Rid Of Acne With Tomatoes and Yam bean Tomato fruit known as a complement to this variety of cuisines, yet little-known can cure acne disease. Properties owned by plum tomatoes of course inseparable from the content contained therein. Tomatoes will no less vitamin C fruit with lemon, tomato fruit is also rich in astringent anti bacteria like on the leaves of Aloe Vera, and also rich in anti oxidants substances like honey. By looking at a wide range of content from the same tomatoes with other popular fruits, then it does not cover the possibility of tomatoes can also be used as a way to remove acne.
How Tomatoes can eliminate acne scars?
Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A which is able to accelerate the turnover of the skin when it is applied directly to the face. In fact, acne treatment products that are frequently used by people in General; Tretinoin, is also a derivative of vitamin a. the reasons that tomatoes are a good source to smooth acne scars. In addition to vitamins A, tomatoes also contain vitamins C, K, E, and several B vitamins.

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Some way and benefits of tomatoes to get rid of acne include:
Tomatoes already mashed could incur a mix in the honey, or egg whites only,
After that can be smeared on the face of the entire face, or breakouts
The content of vitamin C and egg whites can get rid of acne and make skin the more toned.
How To Get Rid Of Acne Naturally Small

A few ways to remove acne that you can Try. Types of acne themselves very much all kinds, ranging from small to large and red. Small pimples in a sufficient amount of many of the face occurs due to Acne or dirt that is supposed to be coming out of the skin but is hampered because the pores are closed. How to get rid of acne naturally with a small little use cucumber.
The trick with memblender or memarut cucumbers that have been washed clean before. Then, apply on face by using a brush for the face mask. Wait for about 30 minutes, then wash your face using warm water, then replace rinse using cold water. Do this step at least twice a week, for maximum results, balance with enough rest and eat nutritious food.

How To Get Rid Of Acne With Tomatoes

In addition to using cucumbers, there are ways to remove acne with tomatoes, the principle is the same as before, i.e., using it as a mask on the face. The use of tomato as a one way in removing acne this is because vitamin A is good for keeping skin brightness and C is good regeneration of dead skin cells also become antioxidants on the skin.

You can do your own face treatments by making it as a facial mask. How to make it really easy, you only need to prepare the following simple materials:


1 plum tomatoes
2 tbsp yogurt
How to make and application:

Puree the tomatoes and mix it with 2 tbsp of yogurt that has been prepared.
Stir-stir both ingredients evenly, and let sit a few moments. The mask is ready to use.
Way of application, apply tomato mask to the skin of your face evenly.
Allow the mask to dry out or about 30 minutes.
Then rinse using warm water.

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Facial Treatments with Natural Materials

Facial treatments with natural materials taking care of the face so that it looks white, clean, bright, naturally, it was not easy, but also not so difficult. Many ways facial treatments that can be done with the beauty products that can be obtained easily. But of course caring for the face with more natural ingredients is recommended due to the relatively more secure than using chemical-based products.



Do Steam Facial
Facial treatments in the past when women don’t go to spas and salons for treatments because it is expensive and the number of the salon is also not as much now. But in the old days women did not run out of steam, they do make sense or the evaporation of its own. The trick is also very easy, boil water and add slices of lemon or cucumber. Then hover the face into the hot water. Do this treatment for 10-20 minutes on a regular basis every week.

Steam the face is useful to avoid clogged pores and cleanse your skin of impurities like dust. Steam also helps you to avoid acne problem that results from the rest of the makeup or other residue buildup from staying outdoors during the day.

Natural Face Masks
Existing products in the supermarket not 100 percent natural. We recommend using fresh ingredients like strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and apricots. Mash the fruit one plus two tablespoons of yogurt and a teaspoon of honey. This mask is intended for one or two hours. Apply the mask on your face last winter, let sit for ten minutes and then rinse the face. This traditional treatment makes the face glow and radiant.

Here are some natural ingredients are used as a facial mask and you can try to make yourself at home:

1. Lotus-grab the best petals of lotus flowers. Petals mashed until smooth and mix with honey and milk to make a paste. Use this paste once a week to brighten your skin naturally.

2. Orange-Orange is very good to relieve the dark stains on the skin. All you need to do is create a powder from dried orange peel. Add a few drops of milk powder to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste on your face and neck. Rinse with cold water when dry.

3. Apples-to get a skin that shines in 10 days, mix pureed apples with a spoon of honey. Apply evenly on your face and leave on for 15 minutes until it dries. Rinse with rosewater.

4. Strawberry-Strawberry Puree and apply on face. Leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse with rosewater. This face mask helps improve skin color so it makes you look more shine.

5. Cucumber-the best way to make your skin look bright is to use a cucumber mask and honey. Apply the mask on your face and neck once in a week to get the desired results.

6. Honey-if you want to look youthful and bright, use honey mask on the face. Add the juice of a lemon into it. Apply on face and neck, and then rinse off when dry.

7. Aloe Vera-Aloe Vera is good for the skin. This helps reduce the stain and remove wrinkles on the face. Face massage with Aloe Vera fresh every night before you sleep.


Tips To Whiten The Face With Olive Oil

Tips To Whiten The Face With Olive Oil

Tips To Whiten The Face With Olive Oil

Tips To Whiten The Face With Olive Oil – Olive oil contains vitamin e which is very high. The vitamin e is capable of taking care of our skin. so that this oil is very suitable for us to use as a mask to whiten the face. In addition vitamin e is a natural antioxidant capable of being able to prevent the growth of cancer cells in our skin. cancer cells may grow rapidly due to the influence of sunlight i.e. UVA/B, the rays will damage the epidermis of the skin so that we reach the pigment and will lead to the early stages of skin cancer. If we do not handle will cause the cancer cells to grow. We can handle it with the use of olive oil.

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The olive oil will seep into the skin cells of the inner cell. Olive oil there will fix the cells skin cells that have died. Well the skin cells is what actually causes our skin to look dull and unhealthy. You can use olive oil as a mask on your face. following whiten the face mask with olive oil:

ingredients: olive oil mask make
-olive oil to taste
-natural honey to taste
-egg white of 1 egg

How to whiten the face mask with olive oil:
-First you start by mixing the whole ingredients, mix until evenly
-After that clean your face first using SOAP with low pH. It aims to let your facial pore open pore. So the absorption of olive oil mask can be perfect.
-apply the mask above the olive oil evenly throughout all the parts of your face and neck. Let stand for about 30 minutes or until dry.
-After that use wet towels to clean it up. Remember use warm water to wet the towels you use.

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The benefits and efficacy of Noni

The benefits and efficacy of Noni

The benefits and efficacy of Noni

The benefits and efficacy of Noni Pace or can also be called pace has a scent that’s not bad, but the compounds therein are very efficacious in treating various diseases. Ability nalkaloid proxeronin active substances contained in noni fruit is very beneficial for inhibiting cancer cells and resolve.

From a study it can be concluded that the pace can unleash the performance of various glands in the body, helping to improve the process of absorption of nutrients your body needs, accelerate the growth of cells that had already been damaged/dead, able to overcome hypertension, diabetes millitus, kolestrol high, memperlancarkan the performance of the kidneys, reduces the impact of allergies, and overcome first. This is due to the content of compound microbial antifungal and refreshing body and increase stamina.

The benefits and efficacy of Noni:

Noni helps moisturize the skin so the skin becomes smooth and seamless if treated as lurur. Noni may also contain proteins that help to fullfill the needs of vitamins and other essential substances your body needs so that the body is more susceptible to fierce as diseases caused by unhealthy life pattern and the ekestrim weather.

No matter whether a trusted can cope with a variety of ailments and acts as an adaptogen that balances the body’s functions at the same time controlling pain were berfusat. However, for sufferers of heart pain, should not consume pace because it can increase the heart rate.


Tips to Brighten Face with Pineapple

Tips brighten face with pineapple You surely already know fruit Pineapple instead?? Pineapple fruit is a tropical plant that originated in Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay. Pineapple fruit has a fairly high moisture content inside the distinctive and flavorful mix of sour and sweet i.e. that course to be consumed fresh. Pineapple fruit other than directly consumed can also be processed into juice or make, rujak. Pineapple fruit has multiple benefits for health and beauty:

How to brighten the face with pineapple fruit

How to brighten the face with pineapple fruit

1. The benefits of pineapple fruit to cope with Flu and Fever
The pineapple is rich in vitamin C which helps ward off flu and fever.

2. Benefits of pineapple fruit to boost immune system
Amino acids contained in pineapple fruit can help boost the immune system.

3. Benefits of pineapple fruit to lower blood pressure
Pineapple fruit contains potassium which is beneficial for sufferers of high blood. Existing fiber content in it is very helpful to prevent fat absorption in the digestive tract. Very suitable to be consumed every day to be able to help lower high blood pressure.

4. Benefits of pineapple fruit to maintain dental health
In addition to overcoming the flu and a fever of vitamin C in fruit pineapple can prevent plaque on the teeth that can cause pain in the gums of the teeth. Of course must also be balanced with other dental health care.

5. Benefits of pineapple fruit to treat Gout
The pineapple enzyme bromelain contains young and potassium to cope with gout. The content is a diuretic that is able to help address the problem of gout.

6. The benefits of pineapple fruit to address Bloating in the stomach
By simply consuming pineapple before eating, stomach bloating you can easily solve with ease.

7. Benefits of pineapple fruit To nourish hair and overcome Dandruff
Cystine compounds in pineapple helps in the formation of skin and hair so that the hair flourishes and prevent premature aging. Pineapple can also be used to eliminate dandruff, do I water by mixing juice of pineapple with lime, then apply it on the hair is dandruff.

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Cucumber Fruit Benefits For The Health Of Body And Facial Skin

Cucumber Fruit benefits for the health of Body and facial Skin – cucumber Fruit is one of the very fresh fruit. Because the cucumber fruit, much was made of a raw vegetable salad or refined culinary delights. Not only to stay there alone, fruit cucumber is now widely used to treat healthy skin, good skin on the face or the skin on the body.
Cucumber fruit is very beneficial to care for health and beauty of the skin occur because cucumbers contain a variety of nutrients, ranging from vitamins A, B, C to minerals and antioxidants are very important for the skin. then what are the benefits of content of cucumber for facial and body skin health it?

Cucumber Fruit Benefits For The Health Of Body And Facial Skin

Cucumber Fruit Benefits For The Health Of Body And Facial Skin

To answer Your curiosity, on this occasion I will share a little information about the benefits of cucumber for skin, all that I have auto summary in cucumber fruit 5 benefits for the health of body and face skin.

Benefit of cucumber

1. Prevent and treat acne problem
The benefits of cucumber fruit for his first skin is able to prevent and treat acne problems, this occurs because the cucumber contains antiseptic, diuretic and antibakterial that is able to kill germs or bacteria causes the appearance of acne problems, acne on the face or good breakouts on the body.
2. Remove freckles, dark spots or acne scars
Black stain of acne scars is a problem frequently encountered Scorpion red spots due to Acne breaks out or missing. Cucumber fruit contains vitamin C is very high, the content was able to do the cleaning process on the part of freckles, acne scars so that cucumber is very effective for removing freckles acne scars.
3. prevents premature aging
The content of vitamin E as well as a very high silica in cucumber fruit, then the fresh fruit is very nutritious to prevent premature aging, such as the appearance of wrinkles, wrinkles and so on, because both the content served to spur the production of colagen on the skin optimally, so by the presence of colagen optimally, then your skin will look firmer and not wrinkled.
4. Protect the skin from free radicals
Cucumber fruit contains antioxidant compounds that are very high, where the highly effective antioxidant content to parse the oxidation of free radicals very harm to skin, free radicals such as UV rays, pollution and radiation beam.
5. Moisten the skin naturally
Cucumber fruit benefits for skin health of body and face that terakhira is able to naturally moisturize the skin, mineral content such as potassium and magnesium found in cucumbers, according to many experts and herbalist, the content is very effective at moisturizing the skin that undergoes dryness.
So a brief reviews about cucumber fruit benefits for the health of body and facial skin. may be useful.

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Avocado Consumption During Diet

Avocado Consumption During Diet Assuming the high fat content in the fruit of the avocado to be their reason for dieters. Actual fat content in the fruit of the avocado is good fat that is safe for the body. Instead of making you fat but routinely consume fruit avocados can lose weight because it contains high in fiber. So don’t hesitate to avocado consumption during diet
Avocado fruit contain essential nutrients such as protein, carbohydrate, vitamin C, vitamin A and fatty. For the fruit of the avocado fruit very suitable for dieting because it has a lot of much needed nutrients for you through the diet.

Benefits of avocado

Avocado Consumption During Diet

The following reasons for the consumption of avocados during diet:
Lose weight
Benefits of avocado fruit to lose weight is actually not on the nutrients contained in it. However, because after you consume the avocado can make full longer. Automatically, after eating avocados, the activity of your snacking is reduced because the stomach is still full. Nutrients in fruit avocados into bonus when you succeed in a diet program that you are living.

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Stabilize blood sugar
As we know when the exact diet to avoid foods containing sugar high. Well with the avocado today consume a diet can stabilize blood sugar. It is because the avocado fruit can increase the calories and carbohydrate intake without any increase in blood sugar levels exceed the capacity that is required of our body. Avocado fruit is thus safely consumed for you who is undergoing strict diet.

Healthy fats
The avocado fruit is referred to as a safe, natural diet and nourish your compulsory consumption in your diet menu. Dietitian Joanne Larsen explained that the fat in the avocado fruit is mostly dominated by type of monounsaturated fats. This type of fat can help lower blood cholesterol levels because there are compound betasitosterol. Avocado fruit can suppress appetite and sanagt fit for you which is currently undergoing a diet.

Now already know better right? It turns out the fat that is contained in the fruit of the avocado is a healthy fat. Wait, when Avocado Consumption diet immediately and enter the menu list in the avocado fruit to your diet. Good luck Yes!

15 Benefits Leaves bidara For Healing

15 Benefits Leaves bidara For Healing – bidara is a plant that has many benefits for humans, ancient people used the leaves bidara for bathing the corpse, even the Prophet Muhammad also been using this bidara leaves to maintain a healthy body.
Well maybe there will be a question of your minds that what is the benefit to the health bidara leaves it? to answer your curiosity, on this occasion I will share a little information about the efficacy of leaf bidara for the treatment of diseases, all that I have outlined in your 15 bidara leaves for the healing benefits of the following diseases.

15 Benefits Leaves bidara For Healing

15 Benefits Leaves lote For Healing

15 Benefits Leaves lote For Healing

1. Leaves bidara contains antibacterial compounds, so it is very effective for treating diseases caused by bacteria or viruses, such as colds, influenza, swine flu, bird flu and even HIV / AIDS.
2. Leaves bidara contains antioxidant compounds that are very high, this is a very effective content to maintain the health of our body from various diseases.
3. Leaves bidara able to treat diseases of the stomach, including gastric ulcers, ulcers and even stomach cancer.
4. Able to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease are very dangerous.
5. Able to treat diabetes mellitus, both type 1, type 2 or gestational diebetes, because the leaves contain bidara very low glycemic.
6. Leaves bidara very useful for treating problems of the mouth, such as canker sores, chapped lips, bleeding gums and much more.

15 Benefits Leaves bidara For Healing

7. Leaves bidara very useful for preventing and treating diseases of abnormal tissue growth, such as cancer, tumors, cysts and many more.
8. Leaves bidara with antiseptic content, it will be very useful for treating wounds, both new wounds or wounds that have been long.
9. Leaves bidara very useful to repair cells damaged organs, so that the organs can work optimally.
10. Leaves bidara young and fresh is very useful to overcome the problem of femininity, such as vaginal discharge, abnormal menstruation and much more.
11. The mineral content is very high in calcium bidara leaves, it will be very effective to strengthen and maintain healthy bones or teeth.
12. Leaves bidara very beneficial to treat fever or cold, either in adults or children under five.
13. Leaves bidara sangatr effective to overcome inflammation of the skin area or organ in the body.
14. Leaves bidara very useful to overcome hemorrhoids or rectal ulcers.
15. Leaves bidara very useful to overcome premature ejaculation or impotence.
That leaves 15 Benefits Leaves bidara For Healing. Good luck and feel properties of very large leaves of the lote.

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