How to Whiten Underarms Naturally and Fast

How to whiten Underarms Naturally and fast

Blackish on the area of the armpit can happen because the rest of the process of inflammation. Inflammation has occurred is generally light and unconscious due to irritation or allergic materials smeared armpit like powder and deodorant. Generally that often cause irritation or allergy are substances alcohol, colours, fragrances, preservatives and other substances contained in the products deodoram/antiperspiran. Cara memutihkan ketiak

Natural and safe way to whiten armpit. Should the skin of the armpit that looks black, not dilulur because it will irritate and the more blackened. If it is indeed very disturbing you should seek treatment to a specialist skin. Will usually be given a relatively safe whitening cream and strictly supervised use. For the underarms should be careful applying something because it is a region whose skin folds thin and sensitive. Cara memutihkan ketiak hitam

Coconut oil and orange peel
The content of vitamin E of coconut oil and vitamins from the orange peel will give a positive effect in its role to increase production of collagen and the skin lightens your armpit. The way is the second mix these ingredients and puree but never too soft and dilute. Bahanya is now ready to be smeared on your armpits and let sit a while, then rinse using clean water.

How to shrink the Bloated Cheek by regulating Diet

The causes and how to shrink the bloated cheeks quickly naturally – Women always couldn’t let loose with beauty. They are mostly dissatisfied will appearance. They will do anything to get that perfect beauty. One of them is to get svelte cheeks or also called with the cheeks of tyre. Many of the women who want to change the gendutnya cheek with cheek who tyre. This is because the style trend model now choose to have their cheeks who tyre. As they contended with the spherical-shaped cheek or commonly known with the fat would make them fat plasticity. If you belong to a woman with a big fat cheeks, you don’t need to worry as there are ways of discouraging the cheek fat fast. Want to know?? Before discussing about how to shrink the bloated cheeks quickly, it’s good we discussed causes of cheek fat first. quoted from Cara mengecilkan pipi tembem

How to shrink the Bloated Cheek by regulating Diet

How to shrink the Bloated Cheek by regulating Diet

1. How to shrink the Bloated Cheek by regulating Diet
How to shrink the bloated cheeks quickly is by improving his diet. Cut down on fast food eating habits, eating fried foods or snacking. These foods can lead to obesity and fatty deposits was no exception on the cheek. How to turn down the cheeks (mengecilkan pipi tembem)are naturally one is by consuming fruit and vegetables in great numbers instead of fat and carbohydrates. Try to consume organic food when You go on a diet. Don’t forget to pay attention to the calories in your body. Every day you have to consume calories as much as 1200 mg. Because by consuming calories is one way of discouraging cheek quickly. This is because useful, calcium to reduce water retention that is stuck in your face. Foods that contain lots of calcium among others can be obtained from fish, yogurt, milk and others. If you are still lack of calcium, a solution that can be done is by consuming calcium supplements sold in pharmacies.

2. how to shrink the Bloated Cheeks with exercise
Sports is one way of discouraging the cheek fat fast. Take 15-30 minutes every morning to jog. Jogging is a sport that is cheap and effectively able to burn fat, fat is no exception on the cheek.

3. How to shrink the Bloated Cheeks With Facial Exercises
How to shrink the bloated cheeks quickly can also be done with facial gymnastics. Not only make the face into a tyre, but also prevents wrinkling and premature aging. One of the most accessible face of gymnastics practice is smiling. In addition there are some facial gymnastics movements you can do for example:

The motion of chewing gum (chewing gum), while chewing gum, jaw and cheeks You work out, as long as it don’t overdo it so as not to hurt the jaw and teeth.
Motion X-O. Say “X” and “O” continuously in order to both jaws are interested in continuing to strengthen and burn fat in the cheeks.
Movement by saying the letter a. at the time to do this, open the mouth wide using full power, then hold it a few seconds, repeat for a few minutes.
Your cheek movement, this movement is similar to when you smile. Hold a few seconds and restart it several times.
The movement to blow balloons. Close your mouth, don’t open until then blow up bulging cheeks, hold a few seconds restart several times. You can also blew on the right and left cheek in turn.
The motion of sucking the cheeks. Suck your cheeks over backwards while the closed mouth, hold a few seconds.
The movement opens his mouth wide while sticking out your tongue.

4. How to shrink the Bloated Cheeks With facial massage
Massage face when doing a facial or facial cleanse, do a circular motion on the cheek.

5. How to Shrink quickly with Cheek Makeup Techniques
Make up is also one way to meniruskan the face. With the help of makeup, you can quickly make your face into a tyre. The techniques used by using shading. The placement of the correct shading and blush-on deployment on cheekbones are done correctly will result in cheek who tyre accompanied with a face that looks sleek.

How to naturally Remove head lice hair with red onion

head lice hair

head lice hair

How to naturally remove head lice hair with red onion has been used since antiquity. Hair lice are indeed very annoying because it can cause itching and pain when the hair lice bite. Hair lice would get food from sucking the blood and of course it’s very disgusting. In addition the development of hair on the head lice are indeed very fast. Hair lice can produce eggs of which there are thousands. Small egg white will stick on the section of hair and run very much. If this is the case then it could be left and continued to cause problems of confidence and has no friends. Quoted from cara menghilangkan kutu rambut

How to make use of onion to eradicate head lice Hair

Red onions are usually indeed easy to find because it is always in the kitchen can be obtained. Onions can cause a very strong scent so that the bug can cause hair can’t stand the smell caused. The onion also contains an active compounds that can kill fleas. Hair lice will soon be gone and destroyed because of a very strong smell. Even our eyes can be very painful when exposed to the onion. This way is very simple and can be done anytime without having to worry hair will be damaged.

Make Herb Shallots

The first way to remove head lice hair with red onion can be done very easily. The first way is by taking the onion peeled and washed clean. Then mash with onion pounded until true – true soft. After that apply to all sections of the hair. If necessary then use evenly on the scalp. Let all this onion evenly on the hair and don’t worry with the aroma. After some time then wash hair with SOAP clean hair. This way is very easy to do by anyone. more info about cara menghilangkan telur kutu rambut

Make a concoction of coconut oil and red onions

Another way you can do is to make the herb shallots and coconut oil. Coconut oil can be obtained naturally or by using pure coconut oil which is already packed. The trick is to take an already peeled shallots, then mash until really soft. After that mix with coconut oil. Mix gently until completely mixed. Immediately use this herb for all sections of the hair. Hair lice will go away by itself and even eggs and as well as hair lice will die.

When to wear a red onion to eliminate head lice Hair

Children are indeed usually feel very scared when going to wear red onion concoction. This is because the onion does indeed evoke a sense of poignant and uncomfortable for the eyes. Sometimes we adults also feel pain when eyes met with red onions already mixed. For it never wears a medicated lice from the onion during the day. A good way is to put the herb shallots at night. Herb usage evenly and then cover with a headscarf. Opens the next day and you can find a lot of dead fleas in the morning. This way is very effective and absolutely does not cause any side effects.

How to Optimally Treat head lice hair with red onion

The onion indeed became one of a very potent drug to overcome hair lice. But how can this be done with the various steps that are very easy and can be done by anyone. But to add the results to the maximum then after doing the therapy then can use a special comb can remove all the ticks. After that, don’t forget to always keep clean the hair by using hair soaps. Avoid exposed new hair lice can cause the fleas thrive even more.

9 Food Enhancer blood effectively to tackle anemia

9 Food Enhancer blood effectively to tackle anemia. One of the health problems often experienced is anemia. Anemia is a condition where levels of hemoglobin in red blood cells decreased from normal levels. Anemia can be caused due to the rupture of red blood cells by diseases such as malaria, dengue fever or fatigue. Signs of deficiency of blood was wacah You look pale, limp, easily fatigued. To restore back the levels of hemoglobin in the blood cells, we can consume a variety of foods that contain lots of iron. Here are some foods that are very potent to neutralize red blood cells as quoted from 15 Makanan Yang Efektif Untuk Penambah Darah :

tackle anemia with 9 food enhancer blood

tackle anemia with 9 food enhancer blood

Benefits of Jengkol for Diabetes and Coronary Heart Disease
6 Lemon Benefits for the Health of the Body

1. Dates
Dates can control the amount of red blood in your body if consumed regularly. In the fruit, there are deposits of iron, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, and also an antioxidant.

2. Honey
Honey was already famous for its usefulness as well as its benefits for health and beauty. In honey contained iron, vitamins, and minerals that can overcome the disease include anaemia. This blood booster foods you can enjoy together lemon juice or other drinks together.

3. Banana
A variety of vitamin and minerals can be found in this fruit. Iron in fruit is certainly capable of curing anemia which you suffered. Be sure to consume a banana fruit regularly every day, at least one banana per day.

4. Offal
Organ meats such as liver powerful enough to treat anemia. These foods contain a lot of iron and vitamin B12 as well so that it can cope with anemia. You can bake in oven or with other means.

5. Vegetable spinach
Spinach is a great source of iron, iron is needed by the body for the formation of red blood cells, so you consume foods with high iron content like spinach will be able to add your blood quickly.

6. Milk
There are many benefits we will get when consuming milk, milk is a super food rich in vitamin and mineral content. Consume dairy regularly will help you to minimise the risk of anemia or exposed a shortage of blood.

7. Dark chocolate
The benefits of Chocolate in particular that is black is a very powerful antioxidant source, not just antioxidants, chocolate is also rich in iron content. in 100 grams of chocolate meets around 35% of your daily iron needs.

8. Broccoli
In addition to the rich in vegetable protein content of broccoli also contains enough iron to help you add blood quickly. As with any potatoes broccoli also contain vitamin C which can ward off free radicals and strengthens your immune sisitem.

9. Soy
In a study showing that the content of iron in soybean stew reaches 58.22 ppm, whereas the already fermented soybeans 1 day around 25.53 ppm and tempe 62.84 ppm. With the number of tersbeut surely will put soy as a food supplement blood that is quite effective.

That’s 9 food Enhancer of the blood that are effective at treating anemia. If the body is healthy, then we’ll activities smoothly. Hopefully helpful

Benefits of Jengkol for Diabetes and Coronary Heart Disease

Jengkol is one of the very popular food by the people of indonesia. Although having a sting, a lot of people who like to consume Jengkol. However, many people do not like the smell. Usually the effect conferring on bad breath and urine. Many processed foods that can be made from Jengkol. Like stews Jengkol, which is most common for processed Jengkol. There’s also the balado Jengkol for spicy cuisine who liked. As well as crackers and chips Jengkol.

jengkol food

jengkol food

Did you know that behind the smell typically, Jengkol has many benefits for the health of our body (manfaat jengkol untuk kesehatan). Jengkol contains substances such as iron, calcium, protein become very by the body. Jengkol still belongs to plant legumes with flat spiral shape. Jengkol rich in fiber so it is good for the digestive system, if not consumed in excess. Has anti toxins, so get rid of harmful toxins in the body. Jengkol is beneficial for preventing diabetes, associated mineral and acid content in it. Help control the stomach acid and prevent irritation by coating the walls of the stomach. Prevent coronary heart disease. Jengkol are also useful to prevent anemia. Increase appetite.

The content on Jengkol
Benefits Jengkol can we get because Jengkol has essential nutrients required by our body. As quoted from manfaat jengkol On a djenkolic, contain compounds such as vitamins and minerals is a very important nutrient. Djenkolic overcast with vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B12 and vitamin C which is very necessary to maintain health. As vitamin a is beneficial both for the body, vitamin c is great for keeping the immune system. In addition to vitamins, Jengkol also contains iron which is useful in the formation of red blood cells, calcium is needed for bone growth.

The Benefits For The Health Jengkol
For those of you who have problems with blood sugar, Jengkol could be one alternative solution to keep your blood sugar levels. By eating Jengkol, fructose in the blood flow in the body can decompose properly. Thus in your body is not going to happen the excess sugar hoarding. Sugar that is present in your body will also be allocated to do the metabolism and daily activities. In addition Jengkol also contains sugars that can make the body for added power. The excess is Jengkol sugar contained in Fox’s easy Jengkol into energy by the body.

On the other hand Jengkol’s benefits are also good to overcome a type of coronary heart disease. Constriction of blood vessels that occur resulting in a flow of blood towards the heart be not smooth. Mineral content in nutritious Jengkol for the disease. Jengkol that in sports with a medium level of maturity, deposits vast grounds will prevent the occurrence of constriction of the blood vessels. Thus the flow of blood towards the heart toward the heart becomes more smoothly. In addition to the risk of death is also getting resolved.

In addition to addressing diabetes and coronary artery disease Jengkol, it also provides benefits for pregnant women. One gynecologist Jengkol that are beneficial to pregnant women is calcium and fiber. Calcium is useful in the formation of bones and teeth in the fetus. While the fiber serves to help launch a defecating on the mother. As we know, a mother pregnant usually will experience constipation. Therefore it is recommended to consume more fruit and vegetables more than usual. It is also as additional nutrients to the fetus.

So, it is so many benefits for the health of our body Jengkol. With proper treatment, we can reduce the smell less hearty than Jengkol. However it should be noted, never too much and often consume Jengkol. Because the content of jengkolat acid can cause difficult urination. May be useful, thank you for reading the article benefits Jengkol.

6 Lemon Benefits for the Health of the Body

benefit lemon

benefit lemon

Lemon is a fruit in the citrus family. Do you like to drink the juice of a lemon. Like the other Orange, of course the lemon contains vitamin c in great numbers. Acid in lemon is very useful for our bodies. lemon has long taken advantage of our everyday needs such as dalma for cooking. But did you know, that lemon had many other purposes. As below, there are 6 lemon benefits for our body. quoted from 6 Manfaat Minum Perasan Lemon Setiap Hari

Help the digestive process-the lemon water drink with warm water will digestives. In addition, lemon water will help improve liver function, so that the digestive process food better and healthier. Lemon also helps stimulate the necessary acid in digestion.

Add Immune-benefits of lemon juice lemon Fruit i.e. the second very high content of vitamin C and Ascorbic acid. Vitamin C can help reduce colds and Ascorbic acid helps the absorption of iron are functioning immune boosting. manfaat perasan lemon

Helps balance the body’s pH-what you eat will mempengarushi the balance of pH or acidity level i in the body. Ketikdakseimbangan pH can lead to various diseases. While the consumption of lemon water can help balance the body’s pH, again especially if often eat meat, cheese or drinking alcohol.

Helps Detox-lemon water naturally diuretic in nature, which means it can help the body excrete toxins along with urine or shit the rest of digestion. Citric acid can also help to maximize the resulting liver enzymes.

To make the body More Energy-drink coffee in the morning can indeed make the body energized, but the lemon water provides better benefits. People who are already consuming lemon water in the end prefer lemon water to make the body more energized throughout the day.

Skin care-Dehydration can make skin dry and dull. Then help your skin becomes more beautiful with consuming lemon water on a regular basis. Vitamin C is present in lemon played an important role keeping the skin health and acts as an antioxidant to reduce aging.

Effective, tomatoes to clear acne?



Tomatoes are very popular in the world, let alone in Indonesia since long time ago has long cultivated. One thing that is less favored than tomato is a weak resilience, making it easy to foul. In order to be durable, the tomatoes must be frozen with a few steps beginning with the elections, washing, soaking, boiling, stripping, and ends with a freeze in the fridge.
In the fruit, there is a variety of useful content to keep the functions of the organs of the body and streamline all systems that are running. Most content is vitamin C and water, when the two collaborated on in the body, then the benefits will arise for beauty, namely tomatoes shrink pores and brightens the skin. Quoted from Tomat Ampuh Menghilangkan Jerawat

In addition to use as a seasoning or lalab sambal complementary vegetables or, tomatoes are often made of materials making masks or cosmetics from some products. Tomato mask creation is intended to address a variety of health-related problems on the face and back featuring the charm of beauty that should exist.

Free radical capturer

Medical experts or specialist health provides confidence in flavonoids and zea xanthin-in ward off free radicals. Both of these compounds is the most antioxidant found in tomatoes.

Brighten skin

Your facial skin dull and until now not know beauty secrets for making bright facial skin? Just use the tomatoes that have vitamin C in large quantities that are ready to address the problems that are currently beset you.

The trick is not difficult, You prepare one or two slices of fresh tomato, sliced thick enough size. Use each slice to rub the face evenly. In a week doing routine every day in order to give the maximum results, the skin looked glowing and healthy.

Get rid of acne

On a number of acne medicine that terjajahkan in the salon or beauty clinics, on table contents look average need help vitamin A and c. If you want to buy some kind of acne medication ointments, better don’t first because there are still tomatoes which gave the two nutrients.

In addition to vitamins A and C, tomatoes also contain a lot of acid that can get rid of acne and skin rash redness. On a small acne condition, you just need to rub pieces of fresh tomato at the face or can also be used as a mask for an hour.

The Dregs of Tea to Get Rid of Acne

dregs of tea

dregs of tea

Tea is a Tea drink in the chill with ice cubes or served with hot/warm tea, tea is often added to taste like jasmine, and fruits such as lemonade, cherry, and arbei, or milk. Tea is also selling many different brands both in the form of packs boxes, plastic cups, bottles and other packaging of many kinds. Iced tea is a refreshing drink that is often drunk during the day because of the hot temperatures. For friends who like to drink tea should know its benefits, namely:
As an antioxidant to capture free radicals in the body, are also potent prevents the development of cancer cells in the body, lowers cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and sugar levels in the blood. This benefit is due to the presence of Polyphenols in Tea form of catechins and flavanol. Reference : Ampas Teh untuk Menghilangkan Jerawat

  1. In one cup of tea contains vitamin E as much as about 100-200 IU which is the need of one day for the human body. Its function is maintain heart health and make the skin become smooth.
  2. Vitamin C in tea as an antioxidant and also serves to increase the durability of the body.
  3. Vitamin A in mejaga tea for eye health, heart, etc.
  4. Prevent bad breath, tooth decay is done by MONOCITRAT and FLUORIDE (Menganese, Zinc, Potassium) in the tea.
  5. Help metabilisme food because it contains vitamin B complex.

In General, food or drink that was not used directly in the waste into the trash so that the kitchen stays clean and free from unpleasant scent, but another case with the dregs of tea, if you understand about beauty treatments would not be dumped directly but instead will use it first. Naturally beautiful cannot be defeated with expensive cosmetics, Back to nature is the slogan you should apply as a residual by-product utilization of tea leaves. Here are the benefits you can get.

The benefits of Tea Dregs for beauty treatments facial peels

1. Overcoming the panda eyes

For an Office no doubt will always deal with the data on the computer, mostly struggled on the monitor will cause the eyes of panda and appears not to be the maximum. Well the dregs of tea you can use to overcome the panda and its application is very simple, simply dip into the water the rest of the dregs of tea or wash them in your face. In a short time may not be visible results, just do it this natural ingredient is routinely and regularly.

2. Anti acne

Acne is a common disease, almost all circles are definitely never feel it especially for older children. Than you buy acne medications sold in the beauty shop why not try tea dregs instead? Do you know that the rest of the material is great for removing acne tablets, the trick is very simple, apply the dregs of tea on the skin of your face for about 15 minutes then rinse with clean water and is cold. More economical is it not?

3. Make the skin healthy and bright

When compared to lemon, tea dregs containing more than 500 times as much of his content, you can make it as a scrub, anti aging and firming the skin. Its application is also very easy you live membalurkannya on the face several minutes (-/+ 20 minutes) after that wash with clean water.

Cucumber and Carrot Free Face of Stubborn Acne

menghilangkan jerawat dengan mentimun dan wortel

Carrots are one of the fruits that has a myriad of benefits to our health. The most famous of all the benefits of carrots are carrots can nourish our eyes, ladies. That’s because in the carrots are substances that can be processed by the body and forming a substance that will be very useful for the body. Substances that form of the vitamin that we call the carrot vitamin A. So far it is a fruit that has the most vitamin A content than other fruits.

Carrots can cure the face of acne. One of the benefits of vitamin A is curing acne is stubborn in the face. Its function is able to clean the feces containing the bacteria that causes acne triggers, later also helps smooth circulation of the oil on the skin so that the carrot can prevent the deposition of oil on the face which is the forerunner to the formation of acne on the skin. As quoted from Mentimun dan wortel bebaskan wajah dari jerawat membandel

Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L) vegetables are believed to originate from northern India are usually made in the vegetables because quite a lot of water content in these vegetables. Cucumber has diuretic properties, the cooling effect, and cleaners that are beneficial to the skin. A high water content; vitamins A, B, and C; as well as minerals such as magnesium, potassium, manganese, and silica; make cucumber became an important part of skin care.

Cucumber low-calorie vegetables

Cucumber is one of the vegetables are very low in calories, which is only 15 calories per 100 g, and contain no saturated fat or cholesterol. Cucumbers are a source of dietary fiber can help reduce constipation, and may provide some protection against colon cancer, by eliminating toxic substances from the intestines.

Cucumber contains high potassium

Cucumbers are also an excellent source of potassium, and essential electrolytes. 100 g cucumber contains 147 mg of potassium, but only 2 mg of sodium. Potassium is an electrolyte producer that is good for the liver, and helps to lower high blood pressure and regulate heart beats with the fight against the adverse effects of sodium.

Cucumber contains antioxidants

Cucumbers contain anti-oxidants unique in moderate ratios, such as beta-carotene and alpha-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin A, zea-xanthin and lutein. This compound acts as a protective agent against free radicals, which will play a role in preventing the effects of aging and various processes that cause disease. Strength is measured in terms of total antioxidant free radical absorption capacity (ORAC value), was 214 umol TE / 100 g.

How to remove acne with carrots as a mask,
1. The first step is to prepare a medium-sized carrots 2-3, then washed up dirt on the skin surface carrot missing.

2. Puree carrots with mashed or blended way.

3. After a smooth, mix 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon olive oil and 1 tablespoon lemon mashed carrots to earlier.

4. Clean the dude’s face with warm water first, then use a mixture of carrot earlier as a mask.

5. Let stand for 15 minutes and rinse your face with warm water. Your face will feel fresh and acne blemishes will be blurry.

Remove acne with cucumber
1. Provide cucumber taste, then wash.
2. Cut the cucumber into smaller parts and put in a blender.
3. Cucumber puree using a blender.
4.After a fine filter to separate the cucumber juice with pulp.
5.Take cucumber juice and mix with carrot mask, both stir to mix evenly.
6. Cucumber mask ready for use

Remove Acne with Yoghurt and Lemon

yoghurt and lemon

yoghurt and lemon

Acne is one of the faces problems that often occur. Acne occurs due to blockage of the pores of the skin, this could be due to a buildup of dead skin cells, dust and dirt due to pollution or due to blockage of sebum oil that is produced naturally by the oil glands beneath the surface of our skin. As quoted from Tips menghilangkan jerawat dengan yoghurt dan jeruk nipis

Lots of tips to remove acne that actually you can do. But it could not hurt to try alternative ways to overcome acne by using natural ingredients that are proven safe without causing side effects as well as cheaper and easier. Then any material which is effective to treat acne?

This time we’ll use a mask mixture of yoghurt and lime. The content of these two materials are very effective for cleaning the face. not just to get rid of acne, but the mask of yogurt and lemon juice is also effective to brighten the face, maintain health and skin moisture, vitamin content in the lime contained in scrub lime and yoghurt is also beneficial to rejuvenate skin cells and helps cleanse the skin of dead skin cells that stick to the face. So how to make a mask of lemon and yoghurt to get rid of acne?. Using one part yogurt mask alone, mask lime alone, or using a mixture of yoghurt and lime?

Remove acne with yoghurt and lemon
The last way is to make a mixture of lime and yoghurt mask. How to make it simple, first prepare the yogurt and lime juice. Mix both ingredients. Then use as a mask on the face. Do not forget to clean the first face with clean water. Wait up to 15 minutes and then wash with water until clean.