How to Whiten Teeth Naturally

How to whiten teeth-whitening teeth naturally and permanently yellow actually is very easy, you can apply these ways quickly. But before we discuss the tips or how to whiten teeth naturally, you should find out first about what the heck is a factor causes yellow teeth below.

Causes Of Yellow Teeth:
1. Lazy to scrub the tooth.
2. rub the teeth with the wrong way.
3. Too often consume coffee and tea.
4. Often smoke because the substances contained therein contained nicotine that could make the teeth becomes yellow.
5. The use of excessive eye drops.
6. Often drank the supplement or drink energy Enhancer.
7. Use teeth whitening remedy does not match.

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How to remove permanently Panu

How to remove permanently Panu actually many ways and medicines panu, but it didn’t also give satisfactory results. A skin disease caused by the fungus Pityrosporum ovale is embossed on the surface of the skin with a distinctive white bercah, and usually arises on the part of back, neck, chest, and arms. Panu would appear on the surface of the skin for the sufferer’s lack of regard for hygiene tubunya, e.g. disebakan by excessive sweat and rarely bathe.

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How to Smooth Coarse and Hair Dry

How to smooth coarse and dry hair is not difficult. If your hair is dry and rough, sure would like to have more hair smooth and soft right? Here are some ways that are worth a try!

The main things that cause hair looks dry and coarse less sebum production is at the root of the hair. It has the role of sebum to maintain moisture in the scalp. If too little sebum production, then scalp become deficient in nutrients. This condition makes the hair is not healthy and the hair shaft looks rough and dry. You can use jojoba oil to solve this problem. The trick, use two spoon of jojoba oil which is already warmed up. Apply it on your hands and do a massage on the scalp until evenly distributed. Jojoba oil can soften the hair from the roots to the ends of the hair. Don’t forget, wrap the hair using a towel and leave it on for 25 minutes before rinsing.

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The Benefits of Bay Leaf for Health

The benefits of bay leaf for health – Salam is a plant that grows in the courtyard home and garden. Its use was already known from the days it used to be that of a typical Indonesian dishes seasoning. While the benefits of bay leaf for health also has been substantiated through research or independent official. The content of nutrients as well as the non-nutritional substances called fitronutrien is the main contributor leaves for drug efficacy of uric acid, cholesterol, lowers high blood pressure to help lose weight.

Efficacy of spice this one leaves can be used as a cure diarrhea, abdominal pain, acute ulcers, cholesterol until made toothpaste. So, it’s been proven and tested the utilization of plant leaf greetings are not limited to culinary course. For those of you whose hobby Cook, benefits of bay leaf dried for flavoring foods don’t need to doubt. However, do you know if the leaves of the wild has a bitter taste and smell less fragrant?

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How to Overcome Insomnia

How to overcome insomnia can not be underestimated, because of the way it was easy easy difficult. Insomnia is more commonly known as insomnia, despite the fact that insomnia itself could be classified into three types, namely insomnia, waking up too early and disturbed sleep for a few hours at night. Individual triggers can come from various sources. Starting from the body is too tired to stress already peaked. Symptoms of insomnia itself, which is characterized by shortness of breath, increased frequency of urination at night and anxiety or excessive worry that the brain can not rest optimally. cara mengatasi insomnia akut

apparently there are many factors that can trigger insomnia causes this. Among the psychological factors such as depression, stress, anxiety, fear and other psychological factors. Ni circumstances will stimulate the brain have difficulty sleeping. In addition to psychological factors earlier, due to health problems as well as beverages containing caffeine and nicotine, like coffee and cigarettes also cause insomnia.

1. Avoid the habit of staying up.

Try coursework, school or office work brought home to finish before 9pm. If it is too much work, soon working as early as possible so that my friend does not stay up too late at night.

Usually many oanag who feel sleepy in the hours About a 9, 10, 11. But there also are suddenly awakened and sleepiness disappeared in 12 hours, 1, 2 and 3. Therefore, do not get used to staying up every day. Do the work and tasks outside the hours of sleep that your body and mind fresh with sleep and adequate rest.

2. Place the gadgets and electronic devices, away from the bed.

With the gadget, then when eyes drifted shut and suddenly gadgets (mobile phones, tablets, android and the like) beep indicates an incoming message or a phone call. Automatic buddy woke up and could not wait to check messages or picking up the phone.

Sometimes, gadgets brought to room postpone bedtime. Because we usually fun playing games, replying to chat in social media, and worse when there is a sad sad news or social media timeline makes the mind more and more difficult to sleep.

How to Remove Leg Hair, Permanent and Natural

Leg hair removal is a mandatory activity for a woman, because for women it is often wear clothes that open in order to look more beautiful. But this time we’re not just talking about underarm hair but overall we will discuss about the tips to overcome hair hair on the body. nah before we know how to eliminate it we must know in advance why fine hair can grow ?.

Causes of Hair Grow
Hair grows depending on a person’s hormonal factors, so there are some people who have thick hair and some do not have the slightest hair.

Underarm hair growth can also be caused by se-ual level, so usually have thick hair hair high sexual level. But that does not mean everything so it’s just the average – average like it

Due to enter puberty around the age of 18-20 years

how it is used to remove hair dense hair found on the feet and hands. As if it was cara menghilangkan bulu kaki ?

1. A mixture of sugar, water, honey, and lemon
The mix of water, sugar, honey, water and lemon juice is one herb that is highly recommended. In addition to eliminating hair stylist, this herb is also well able to moisturize the skin so it will not make your skin hurt or irritation.

Materials needed:

1 tablespoon sugar
1 tsp lemon juice
1 teaspoon pure honey
2 tsp of corn starch
waxing strips
How to do this, mix and stir the sugar, lemon, honey, and starch until uniform in a bowl. Heat the mixture of these three ingredients for a few minutes so the dough so it is softer and does not clot, then set aside to cool.

2. Turmeric
Turmeric is believed to eliminate eternally, even turmeric is an ingredient that has been used in India from ancient times. Turmeric contains an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It is very easy you just mix a few spoonfuls of turmeric powder and add a little milk and let stand until dry. After that wash with warm water.

3. White Eggs
We’ve been able to whiten taukan egg whites, now we will use the egg whites to remove hair hand. I myself could not agree on this one, so you make a mixture of egg white, 1 tablespoon sugar and corn flour. Whipped up into a paste then apply on your hands and let stand until dry. Once dry pasta pull earlier, definitely fine hair hair will come up.

How to Make Yam Bean Mask Naturally

How to make Yam bean mask naturally – yam can be found in different places, whether in Asia, Europe, America and Australia.
substances, nutrient content per 100 grams of yam

Energy 55 CAL
Protein 1.4 g
Hair 0.2 g
carbohydrates 12.8 g
calcium 15 mg
phosphate 18 mg
Vitamin A 0 SI
00:04 mg vitamin B1
vitamin C 20 mg
iron 0.6 mg

Whiten Skin
Masks yam already long been believed to whiten the skin, and until now many beauty products that use chestnuts as support material. Cara membuat masker bengkoang

Refreshing Facial Skin
Kandungangizi contained in yam can make our skin brighter and more fresh, cool effects contained in yam yam makes known the term cold powder and nice to refresh the skin.

Prevent Aging
High antioxidant antiaging function as that makes the skin look younger, remove wrinkles on the face and skin tightening.

how to make a mask yam

should be cleaned and then peeled jicama, grated yam.
destroyed yam to take water into bowls or cups, discarded junk.
potato juice concoctions enable the completion of the mountain to the bottom of the container.
The precipitate is dried after benig ago and take sediment. Used as a mask deposition yam
For those who want to save, if you want to wear you should be able to add a bit of cold water or rose water.

How to Whiten Underarms Naturally and Fast

How to whiten Underarms Naturally and fast

Blackish on the area of the armpit can happen because the rest of the process of inflammation. Inflammation has occurred is generally light and unconscious due to irritation or allergic materials smeared armpit like powder and deodorant. Generally that often cause irritation or allergy are substances alcohol, colours, fragrances, preservatives and other substances contained in the products deodoram/antiperspiran. Cara memutihkan ketiak

Natural and safe way to whiten armpit. Should the skin of the armpit that looks black, not dilulur because it will irritate and the more blackened. If it is indeed very disturbing you should seek treatment to a specialist skin. Will usually be given a relatively safe whitening cream and strictly supervised use. For the underarms should be careful applying something because it is a region whose skin folds thin and sensitive. Cara memutihkan ketiak hitam

Coconut oil and orange peel
The content of vitamin E of coconut oil and vitamins from the orange peel will give a positive effect in its role to increase production of collagen and the skin lightens your armpit. The way is the second mix these ingredients and puree but never too soft and dilute. Bahanya is now ready to be smeared on your armpits and let sit a while, then rinse using clean water.

How to shrink the Bloated Cheek by regulating Diet

The causes and how to shrink the bloated cheeks quickly naturally – Women always couldn’t let loose with beauty. They are mostly dissatisfied will appearance. They will do anything to get that perfect beauty. One of them is to get svelte cheeks or also called with the cheeks of tyre. Many of the women who want to change the gendutnya cheek with cheek who tyre. This is because the style trend model now choose to have their cheeks who tyre. As they contended with the spherical-shaped cheek or commonly known with the fat would make them fat plasticity. If you belong to a woman with a big fat cheeks, you don’t need to worry as there are ways of discouraging the cheek fat fast. Want to know?? Before discussing about how to shrink the bloated cheeks quickly, it’s good we discussed causes of cheek fat first. quoted from Cara mengecilkan pipi tembem

How to shrink the Bloated Cheek by regulating Diet

How to shrink the Bloated Cheek by regulating Diet

1. How to shrink the Bloated Cheek by regulating Diet
How to shrink the bloated cheeks quickly is by improving his diet. Cut down on fast food eating habits, eating fried foods or snacking. These foods can lead to obesity and fatty deposits was no exception on the cheek. How to turn down the cheeks (mengecilkan pipi tembem)are naturally one is by consuming fruit and vegetables in great numbers instead of fat and carbohydrates. Try to consume organic food when You go on a diet. Don’t forget to pay attention to the calories in your body. Every day you have to consume calories as much as 1200 mg. Because by consuming calories is one way of discouraging cheek quickly. This is because useful, calcium to reduce water retention that is stuck in your face. Foods that contain lots of calcium among others can be obtained from fish, yogurt, milk and others. If you are still lack of calcium, a solution that can be done is by consuming calcium supplements sold in pharmacies.

2. how to shrink the Bloated Cheeks with exercise
Sports is one way of discouraging the cheek fat fast. Take 15-30 minutes every morning to jog. Jogging is a sport that is cheap and effectively able to burn fat, fat is no exception on the cheek.

3. How to shrink the Bloated Cheeks With Facial Exercises
How to shrink the bloated cheeks quickly can also be done with facial gymnastics. Not only make the face into a tyre, but also prevents wrinkling and premature aging. One of the most accessible face of gymnastics practice is smiling. In addition there are some facial gymnastics movements you can do for example:

The motion of chewing gum (chewing gum), while chewing gum, jaw and cheeks You work out, as long as it don’t overdo it so as not to hurt the jaw and teeth.
Motion X-O. Say “X” and “O” continuously in order to both jaws are interested in continuing to strengthen and burn fat in the cheeks.
Movement by saying the letter a. at the time to do this, open the mouth wide using full power, then hold it a few seconds, repeat for a few minutes.
Your cheek movement, this movement is similar to when you smile. Hold a few seconds and restart it several times.
The movement to blow balloons. Close your mouth, don’t open until then blow up bulging cheeks, hold a few seconds restart several times. You can also blew on the right and left cheek in turn.
The motion of sucking the cheeks. Suck your cheeks over backwards while the closed mouth, hold a few seconds.
The movement opens his mouth wide while sticking out your tongue.

4. How to shrink the Bloated Cheeks With facial massage
Massage face when doing a facial or facial cleanse, do a circular motion on the cheek.

5. How to Shrink quickly with Cheek Makeup Techniques
Make up is also one way to meniruskan the face. With the help of makeup, you can quickly make your face into a tyre. The techniques used by using shading. The placement of the correct shading and blush-on deployment on cheekbones are done correctly will result in cheek who tyre accompanied with a face that looks sleek.

How to naturally Remove head lice hair with red onion

head lice hair

head lice hair

How to naturally remove head lice hair with red onion has been used since antiquity. Hair lice are indeed very annoying because it can cause itching and pain when the hair lice bite. Hair lice would get food from sucking the blood and of course it’s very disgusting. In addition the development of hair on the head lice are indeed very fast. Hair lice can produce eggs of which there are thousands. Small egg white will stick on the section of hair and run very much. If this is the case then it could be left and continued to cause problems of confidence and has no friends. Quoted from cara menghilangkan kutu rambut

How to make use of onion to eradicate head lice Hair

Red onions are usually indeed easy to find because it is always in the kitchen can be obtained. Onions can cause a very strong scent so that the bug can cause hair can’t stand the smell caused. The onion also contains an active compounds that can kill fleas. Hair lice will soon be gone and destroyed because of a very strong smell. Even our eyes can be very painful when exposed to the onion. This way is very simple and can be done anytime without having to worry hair will be damaged.

Make Herb Shallots

The first way to remove head lice hair with red onion can be done very easily. The first way is by taking the onion peeled and washed clean. Then mash with onion pounded until true – true soft. After that apply to all sections of the hair. If necessary then use evenly on the scalp. Let all this onion evenly on the hair and don’t worry with the aroma. After some time then wash hair with SOAP clean hair. This way is very easy to do by anyone. more info about cara menghilangkan telur kutu rambut

Make a concoction of coconut oil and red onions

Another way you can do is to make the herb shallots and coconut oil. Coconut oil can be obtained naturally or by using pure coconut oil which is already packed. The trick is to take an already peeled shallots, then mash until really soft. After that mix with coconut oil. Mix gently until completely mixed. Immediately use this herb for all sections of the hair. Hair lice will go away by itself and even eggs and as well as hair lice will die.

When to wear a red onion to eliminate head lice Hair

Children are indeed usually feel very scared when going to wear red onion concoction. This is because the onion does indeed evoke a sense of poignant and uncomfortable for the eyes. Sometimes we adults also feel pain when eyes met with red onions already mixed. For it never wears a medicated lice from the onion during the day. A good way is to put the herb shallots at night. Herb usage evenly and then cover with a headscarf. Opens the next day and you can find a lot of dead fleas in the morning. This way is very effective and absolutely does not cause any side effects.

How to Optimally Treat head lice hair with red onion

The onion indeed became one of a very potent drug to overcome hair lice. But how can this be done with the various steps that are very easy and can be done by anyone. But to add the results to the maximum then after doing the therapy then can use a special comb can remove all the ticks. After that, don’t forget to always keep clean the hair by using hair soaps. Avoid exposed new hair lice can cause the fleas thrive even more.