3 How to reduce your household Waste

household Waste
Every month almost 10 pounds of food thrown away in your home, and nothing You do to prevent and stop it. Yes, people tend to not care about the waste of food that will ultimately be disposed of down the drain.

Sustainable living expert, Justin Kacer, gives three tips on how to reduce wasted meal in your kitchen. Following these, as offered from the Huffington Post.

Store food properly

We may have already done this many times, but he advised and warned him again, to do not store vegetables and fruits in one place. The fruit will make the vegetables rot more quickly than if both are kept strictly separated.

In addition, save and plant herbs in water, such as saving a flower. But don’t suggest to Kacer store in plastic containers.

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Buy refrigerator

Refrigerator or refrigerator capable of keeping food stay fresh and keep it mature. In addition it is also way cheaper and easier. Other benefits, there is no risk of harmful or detrimental if storing food in the fridge.

Buy in amounts less

It is time to stop the production of bulk food bins. Do not buy food in large quantities at once. Buy according to your needs for a few days or a week. Once discharged, you just go back to shop. This is to avoid the food rots and is no longer the freshest when stored too long, then end up in the trash.

The Easy Way To Treat Canker Sores On The Lips



Thrush is one of the disorders of the mouth is often considered trivial by many people. Thrush is actually the signs that your body is having a less stable state. It could be said that the disorder of the mouth on this one can be a sign that you will be sick. Therefore if you have canker sores should be treated immediately. How to treat thrush is actually very easy and simple enough to use natural ingredients only.

Before discussing how to treat canker sores using natural materials You will need to know what can cause the onset of disorders of the mouth. One of the main causes of the incidence of canker sores are a lack of vitamin C in the body. In addition, psychological factors also greatly influences. People experiencing severe pressure also can experience thrush. Smoke that too often can also cause canker sores. Disorders of the mouth could also be due to wounds incurred in the mouth due to be bitten or hit that causes sores in the mouth. Not only the mouth alone experienced thrush but the tongue can also be experienced. How to treat canker sores on the tongue will also be described.

How To Treat Thrush With Natural Materials

There are several natural substances that can be used to treat thrush. How to treat thrush with natural ingredients is safer but takes time which is not for a bit. Here are some natural ingredients can treat thrush.

1. Turmeric

Cure thrush is the most potent saffron. The herb that is commonly used for cooking it turns out can treat thrush. How to use turmeric to cure thrush is also quite simple. Grate or puree turmeric until it becomes a paste and then apply it on the part of experienced thrush. In order for the faster it works can be mixed with tea as much as one teaspoon of Glycerin.

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2. Honey

Honey was already known since the first has many benefits for health and beauty. One that is able to cope with the thrush. How to treat canker sores by using honey enough by way of applying honey on the parts that experience the thrush. Do canker sores until healed.

3. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is made from the original coconut can treat thrush quickly. Simply apply coconut oil evenly on parts that experienced thrush thrush until it dries and recovers. Do as often as possible so that the canker sores heal faster.

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4. Papaya

How to treat canker sores can also use papaya fruit. The fruit is rich in vitamin C that can help improve your intake of vitamin C in the body. Consume papaya fruit regularly can treat thrush and also can prevent aphthous ulcers came back.

5. Garlic

Onions are commonly used as a condiment cook turned out to also be able to treat thrush. Garlic can help speed up the drying of the wound in the mouth. How to use it is very easy, simply mashed the garlic then apply on thrush.

Don’t store Food in 5 Fridge


Many fruits and vegetables that are easily damaged and need refrigerated to prevent diseases caused by foodborne bacteria, such as e. coli or listeria. However, not all the fruit, vegetable and food should be stored refrigerated in a way.

That’s because some of the food quite easily foul and loss of ideals it feels if stored in cool temperatures. The following are the six food that cannot be stored in the refrigerator, as offered from the Huffington Post.


Fresh garlic can be stored in a dry area without pared with low humidity and air circulation is good for up to six months. If stored in a refrigerator, could grow garlic shoots and dehydrated and lost ideals.

Tomato sauce

Salt, sugar and vinegar in a tomato sauce serves as a natural preservative substance, which makes the sauce on this one safely stored in Your kitchen or dining room table. Homemade tomato sauce can be stored up to six months in a cool and dark area like the kitchen table.

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Onion Chutney

Like garlic, onions, and is part of the allium family. Onions, red, yellow and white should be stored in a dry state and not peeled in a cool and dry area. If the upper part is destroyed, it will trigger the breathing process that will make the onion to rot.


Do not store potatoes in the refrigerator to prevent the starch in them break down into sugars, which will change the color and flavor of the potatoes. Similar to onions, and potatoes that are breathable, so it’s important to keep it in a dry state in an area that has good air circulation. Wash the potatoes only when you are going to cook it.


The cold temperatures alters the texture of tomatoes by expanding the spread of moisture content in it. You can imagine a frozen soda bottle that exploded. Keep it in the fridge will make the tomatoes become gritty when eaten. To that end, Save Your fresh tomatoes at room temperature away from direct sunlight.

3 How to Remove Panda Eyes Quickly and Easily

Remove Panda Eyes

Remove Panda Eyes

The SAC of the eye or commonly referred to as the eye of the panda is dark circles on the skin around the eyes. SAC’s own eyes will arise if someone is lack of sleep or too much staying up, so that the face will look dull and tired. For some people this may not be an issue, but for you that is very mindful of appearances, this certainly would be greatly interfere with, as it can worsen the appearance of you. As a result you will feel less confident when meeting with others. To be able to remove the SAC of the eye, sometimes there is also someone who is willing to perform the operation the SAC of the eye.

The Cause Of The Onset Of Eye Pouch
To be able to prevent and remove the SAC of the eye, we must first know what are the things that can be the cause. Based on the article Mediskus blog read on mimin, there are several causes of the SAC of the eye, which are as follows:

Lack Of Sleep, Dehydration, Genetic factors or descent, Aging, Rubbing and scratching of the eye, Smoke, Crying, Sun exposure, Too many see the screen of the monitor, Drinking alcohol, Menstruation, Allergies and Colds

To that end, mimin ngasih tips to prevent and remove the SAC of the eye by making use of the medicine pouch natural eyes. Want to know how to do? yuk we refer to the following description:

Powerful tips to remove Panda Eye

1. Sleep
Last mimin already described, that one of the causes of the incidence of SACS is a result of lack of sleep. To that end, mimin suggest, from now on cukupilah bed time. Although the work is still stacked, we recommend that you schedule to sleep early. A good sleep time was between 6-8 hours. Better wake up early in the morning instead of having to stay up. Try to sleep no more than 9 hours a night, or at least late 05 ‘s.

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In addition, some time ago, a study conducted in thailand mentioned that stayed up late, too much can also cause liver cancer. HM,. serem banget ya sis, makda than that, from now on, we must reduce even stop to sleep overnight. Because people often sleep staying up all night/too, would normally be easily tired.

2. Compress with ice cubes
Powerful tips for treating eye next pouch with mengopres eyes with ice cubes. Well, if you’ve already slept overnight, to prevent the onset of the SAC of the eye, you can mengopres eye with ice cubes so that the SAC of the eye a little tersamarkan. Do for a little over 10 minutes. Oh yes, this way also commonly done by a team of boxers at half match that aim to reduce wound hematoma diwajah. So, you can also try this way at home.

eye compresses an unused way with ice cubes:

wrap ice cubes with a cloth or towel, (use a soft textured fabric)

then paste at the SAC of the eye

or it could be:

input the ice cubes into the container/apa aja

then input the cloth/towel into the water ice

and then kompreskan in the area where the SAC of the eye is

do this step for-+ 10 minutes.

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3. Compress the eye with former teabag
Using the former mengopres for teabag eyes already since a long time dipercara can menatasi the pimples and blackheads on the face. But not only that, it turns out the teabag can also be used to remove panda eyes and reduces eye pembekakan. Because in the tea contained a substance called tannins that is a compound of polyphenols derived from plants, have a bitter taste of one is tea. Tannins can be useful to form a kepadatanm flexibility and keep the skin from bacteria that can attack

Food Processing Tips in Rainy Season

Food Processing tips in rainy season

Food Processing tips in rainy season

When the rainy season arrives, we must not only think in order to stay safe from mosquito bites. Food must also be handled with great care during the rainy season. It’s because of increased humidity is able to pose a risk of food is filled with dangerous microbes.
Cold and wet as a place that is conducive for the growth of germs that cause typhoid, diarrhea, dysentery and stomach flu. So, you need to be extra careful with what you eat during the rainy season. The following are a few that should and should not be done in the processing of food in the kitchen of the rainy season.
Fifteen minutes before cooking, soak the vegetables in warm salt water. This step is important to eliminate traces of pesticides. For lettuce and cabbage, use ice water or cold water. This could kill the worms and make vegetables stay fresh and crisp.
Vegetables that cannot be peeled like tomatoes, herbs and leaves should be cleaned with salt and water flow.
Dry fruits and vegetables with water absorbent paper or a clean towel and then save it in the refrigerator. Save vegetables in sealed container to maintain freshness.
It is important to keep the fruit and Shur. Temperate vegetables such as beans, eggplant, tomatoes and peppers must be stored at a temperature of less than 10 degrees Celsius.
The potatoes should also be stored under cool temperatures, and dry conditions to prevent the growth of mold. But, don’t refrigerate them, such as below 4 degrees Celsius, as the starch contained in it will be turned into sugar.
It is highly recommended to peel fruits and vegetables before cooking, at least during the rainy season. If you feel something is not good, remove immediately. Do not cook and eat the fruit fresh, or no longer has parts that are rotting.
Foods that should be avoided
It has become a common belief that the fish should be avoided during the rainy season. The reason is because of the high temperature and humid weather increases the likelihood of the occurrence of decay during travel and storage.
Should you choose an existing marine fish in cold waters, such as tuna, salmon and pomfret to avoid possible contaminated with industrial poisons that may occur during the long journey through the waters of the river being poured by the rain. Avoid also buy and consume fruits and cut salad.

How To Overcome A Sore Throat When Swallowing

How To Overcome A Sore Throat When Swallowing

How To Overcome A Sore Throat When Swallowing

Cure sore throat when swallowing herbs. Sore throat when swallowing is one sign or symptom of the flu struck. Although it sounds mild, but a sore throat when swallowing it’s very annoying to even make us feel uncomfortable while eating certain foods. In addition, the disease of this one if allowed to occur continuously and thus could be fatal. Based on its own medical, sore throat is a condition in which the throat has been infected by the bacteria. As for the condition result in throat experiencing inflammation, irritation, hoarseness, pain when swallowing, itching and coughing.throat pain remedy when swallowed, a remedy sore throat hard swallow, how to treat a sore throat when swallowing, sore throat causes, in pharmacies, naturally, to the left of the throat,
Sore Throat When Swallowing
Factors Cause The Onset Of Sore Throat
Before we discuss the various remedies sore throat when swallowing, there are several factors that cause the onset of sore throat that needs to be known. Common cause factors of occurrence of sore throat is due to a bacteria called s. pyogenes i.e including the Bacterium Streptococcus a. of this one are contagious and can be spread through the air when patients cough and sneeze. In addition, the bacteria this one can also spread through drinks, food or objects that have been infected.

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How To Overcome A Sore Throat When Swallowing
Sore throat is indeed a mild disease, but if it is left without the use of this sore throat pain medications can be fatal. Therefore, you can try to cope and treat sore throat using natural ingredients first at home to relieve sore throat. The first thing you need to do is to meet the fluid in the body, i.e. drinking water enough so that the body is not dehydrated. In addition, the fulfillment of the liquid through the white water is very important so that the conditions of any urine still awake either.
For first aid is actually not necessary to use generic drugs a sore throat when swallowing. Because you can use a natural remedy in advance such as drinking water and tea water warm. Herbal tea usually helps to give a relaxing effect when a sore throat. In addition, if you do not have supplies for herbal teas then you can make regular tea drinks like non herbal by making it on his own to spread all over could help alleviate the onset of infection and helps to improve immunity. This is because tea contains antioxidants in it. In addition, you can also add honey in a cup of tea as a complement anti bacterial recovery process accelerates sore throat when swallowing.

This is the difference between Physical Hunger with Hungry Eyes

This is the difference between Physical Hunger with Hungry Eyes
Not infrequently, “hungry eyes” interpreted as a sign that the body needs more energy. In fact, unwittingly become an opportunity instead of an actual caloric stockpiling is not required.
In a study, people who eat with awareness is low, such as eating and snacking just because of the insistence on advertisements or eating only because of the sad or bored, 34 percent tend to be fatter in quick time.
Susan Albers, Psy. D, author of Eating Mindfully, distinguish hunger into 2 categories. The first was hungry hungry stomach or physical (physical hunger) and the secondis the hungry hungry eyes or emotional (emotional hunger). Here’s the difference:
4 physical hunger signs:
Come gradually. Not too hungry from being extremely hungry.
-You feel it in your stomach, instead of on the tongue.
You want to eat anything that can be eaten.
Easy to feel full and satisfied.
4 signs of emotional hunger:
Came unexpectedly after you see interesting food.
-You feel it in your heart, not your stomach.
Only certain types of food Just as you want.
Difficult to met with other foods.
If you are feeling physically hungry, choose good ingredients that will make your body energized and satiated for a longer period such as a protein or vegetables. Read How To Thicken Your Eyebrows Naturally Without Pencil Eyebrow
If it’s an emotional hunger, find three causes to describe how you feel: are bored, frustrated, or sexually aroused? And find a way out of the right, such as the streets, chatting with relatives, or receive hugs from spouses.
No less important, in order to avoid false hunger“, have a higher consciousness. One of them is by avoiding distractions such as watching TV.
Try to focus on flavor and texture, chew slowly, and try using the hand that is not dominant in order to focus on the food. That way, you will be successful at eating quality, namely in the amount of enough yet satisfying.

How To Thicken Your Eyebrows Naturally Without Pencil Eyebrow

Lemon orange peel shavings mixed with coconut oil is a natural herb to thicken the eyebrows in order to make thick. If you are mixing with lemon skin shavings of coconut oil, use cotton size eyebrows and then take the oil. Compress the eyebrows using cotton which is already awash in coconut oil and grated Orange rind of lemon it overnight. For this one, it is better to use at night before going to bed because if you use during the day and exposed to sunlight, the eyebrows could be exposed to irritants.
It turns out the onion-bawangan lots of beneficial Yes, after the onion turns onions is also beneficial for you who want to thicken your eyebrows thicker naturally make it so. How, puree onion and then take the water using cotton. Compress the eyebrows overnight for better results but carefully exposed to the eyes of Yes. Cara menebalkan alis
the natural way is one of how to thicken your eyebrows. Some of the material above only help you from the outside only. But in order to support all the efforts that you do from the outside, you need to try it from the inside as well or I would call a healthy lifestyle.

– Select a color pencil eyebrow color of approaching most eyebrows and hair. Use brown color to create the impression of natural or black if our hair is also black.

– Drawing the eyebrows by using a pencil eyebrow slowly. Apply it gradually and do not directly pressed too strong or direct draw a long line, make a way so that the eyebrows are not impressed.

– In addition to the use of a pencil eyebrows, how could our eyebrows thicken your eyeshadow. How to use a small brush with rigid and select eye color perona Brown or gray. Apply it with a brush slowly follow the shape of the eyebrows. How to thicken this can also be done if our very thin eyebrows.

-If have already dried mascara, we can use sikatnya to spruce up eyebrows. Comb the eyebrows upward movement, that impressed thicken your eyebrows. In addition, clear mascara in the form of gels also can we use so impressed thicken your eyebrows. This method is really fitting for Hina thick enough. Read 3 Most Common Myths About Kidney Disease

3 Most Common Myths About Kidney Disease

Kidney Disease

Kidney disease serious disease category entry must soon be addressed medically followed by changes in the pattern of life. If not, the kidneys can stop functioning and this means fatal for the sustainability of its victims alive.

Humans have two kidneys are shaped to resemble red bean under ribs of man.

The kidneys have a vital function that is, as a sieve fibres metabolism of the body, maintaining the balance of minerals in the body, help regulate blood pressure, producing the active compounds of vitamin D to maintain bone health, stimulates the production of red blood cells and regulates the levels of chemicals in the body that ultimately helps the heart and muscles can function properly.

Even though it has a very important function, not many people understand what exactly is meant by kidney disease and anything that could be a trigger.

Numerous myths floating around, often makes people confused and wrong took a step in his efforts to keep the kidneys stay healthy. Below are six myths about kidney disease, the following explanation is actually based on the facts of the science.
Myth 1: kidney disease is a rare disease.

You may be surprised to learn that quite a lot of kidney disease sufferers in Indonesia. At the end of 2015, noted there are about 96 thousands of sufferers of chronic kidney disease stage five.

The who States, 54 percent of the cause of death in Indonesia was due to chronic diseases,

and kidney disease is a disease that the number continues to increase each year.

High blood pressure, diabetes, a family history of kidney failure, age over 60 years, are factors that increase the risk of kidney disease.

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Myth 2: you will know if you have kidney disease.

Unfortunately, most people with kidney disease, do not know the ailment from the outset. Because in the early stages of kidney disease, most people don’t have any symptoms.

Symptoms may not appear until the disease reaches an advanced stage renal. The best way to find out if you have kidney disease was checked by a doctor.
Myth 3: testing for kidney disease is a long and expensive process.

Testing to see or no kidney disease, relatively inexpensive. The test can be done in two ways, namely through a simple urine test to find out Your protein and blood test to estimate GFR (glomerular filter rate).

GFR number will tell how well your kidneys are working.

How to quickly Overcome Cellulite on the thighs and Buttocks

Cellulite or stretch marks is an ‘ enemy ‘ women. How not, various efforts done to hide the streaksstreaks of fine orange peel look similar to this. The main areas of the place bersarangnya cellulite, usually include the thighs, waist, buttocks and stomach. Though not a serious complaint but very disturbing cellulite appearance, especially for those of you who like to wear clothes that are slightly open, like a bikini or swimsuit when going on vacation.


Causes Of Cellulite
Cellulite appears due to the fiberconnected fibers stuck to the skin on the part behind the muscle, with the fat that separates them. When the accumulated fat, the fat is then up to the skin, so that the fibres are often hard and taut downward and creating uneven skin surface and berlesung.


Cellulite tend to be easily found in those who have the condition are overweight. However, it does not cover the possibility for those who have normal body weight to have cellulite also due to genetic factors. Cellulite may also arise due to inactive lifestyles and the presence of pregnancy in women.


How to overcome cellulite / cara menghilangkan selulit
Lose weight. Weight loss can be further eroded from the body by getting used to eating healthy foods and often do exercise routine. Strengthen your leg muscles, thighs, buttocks and abdomen can improve the appearance of cellulite that heap melesung in the skin. However, this does not guarantee that the cellulite will disappear completely.


With laser and radiofrequency treatment. Medical therapy using laser and radiofrequency combine massage network, technology radiofrequency and infrared rays to tackle cellulite. Through several times, cellulite treatment sessions slowly began to show positive change. Usually, a series of treatments can take up to six months.


Perform liposuction. Liposuction or liposuction is performed by inserting a slender tube under the skin through a small surgical incision wounds to suck up fat cells. Liposuction can form the body though not eliminate cellulite. The risk of this action isof the possibility of the appearance of cellulite is getting clear and look worse.

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Treatment with the use of skin creams. The use of skin creams containing retinol levels as much as 0.3 percent two times in a day can help improve the appearance of cellulite after living for six months. However, the cream-cream so usually only provide temporary results only.


Perform the massage on the area of berselulit. A massage given by a high intensity is believed to be waging a blood flow, eliminating toxins and excess fluid in the vulnerable areas are having cellulite.


Mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is a procedure in which a type of fluid that contains a combination of aminophylline, hormones, enzymes, herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals is injected just under the skin. However, this can cause side effects like infections, rashes and skin contours are unbalanced.